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“Kristen’s the best! A little microneedling with the Rejuvapen and some botox never hurt anyone! She always gets my skin fresh and healthy. She’s also got me hooked on the C,E and Ferulic serum from Skinceuticals, I love the glow!!”

Kendall K.

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We all want beautiful, healthy, tight skin. From creams to cosmetics, there are many means to the end. Microneedling, however, is one of the latest trends that everyone from Hollywood A-list celebrities to suburban working women are following.

Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that can be completed at the office without anesthesia.

What is microneedling?

The process of microneedling involves using tiny needles to create microchannels on your skin surface. This promotes a wound response and encourages healing prompting your skin to retain a youthful, healthy appearance and reduces sign of aging. This process is also known as collagen and elastin remodeling.

It’s great for most types of scars, including acne acts, and also is great for anti aging. It can give the results of some lasers without having the downtime. If you want to correct that part under whether it’s safe. And also under where it asks if it’s just for the face don’t put a timeline but put a series of 4-6 every 4 weeks is typically what is needed to achieve most goals whether it be anti again, or scar correction

Is microneedling safe?

Yes! Microneedling is safe for all skin types. It’s particularly helpful for those who have acne scars they want to fill in or those who want smoother skin. The only time you don’t want to undergo microneedling is if you have a cystic breakout, as it can spread that infection further.

Does microneedling hurt?

Microneedling is relatively painless, however, we offer patients a topical numbing agent. After the procedure, your skin may tingle and produce very tiny scabs that go away within a couple of days.

By coming into Casa Bella Med Spa for your microneedling procedure, you can rest confident that you’ll be taken care of. Our team is committed to making your entire spa experience on of comfort.

Is microneedling just for the face?

Microneedling is safe for more than just the face. It is commonly used to treat cellulite on the thighs, as well as stretch marks on your chest, butt, and stomach. You can expect to see results within six sessions. Microneedling can be done every 3 to 6 months, however, it is often done once a month for up to six months to help with acne scarring.